Not much to say about this one, seeing as it mostly just re-uses the locations from the 2003 movie. I didn’t like this one as much, though I thought it was still generally entertaining. Just a missed opportunity to do something more interesting with a prequel.

Movie Location: Lee Bros. Meats
Filming Location: 204 Main St., Martindale, TX 78655 (Private Property)
Date of Photos: July 2019
The interior of this location was used to film the scenes set in Leatherface’s basement workroom in both this movie and the 2003 remake.

Movie Location: Gas Station
Filming Location: Cele Store
18726 Cameron Rd., Manor, TX 78653
Date of Photos: July 2019

Movie Location: The Hewitt House
Filming Location: 901 County Rd. 336, Granger, TX 76530 (Private Property)
Date of Photos: July 2019

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