I was honestly so excited and scared visiting this location that I didn’t do a great job of matching the locations up. The cabin has been gone since a few years after filming, and the land is privately owned and littered with No Trespassing signs. Nevertheless, horror fans have been venturing there for years so I decided to just go for it the last time I was in Tennessee. When I pulled up, another car was actually pulling away from the entrance to the trail which made me feel slightly better, since I figured they wouldn’t be parked there unless they had also just walked back to the cabin site.

To get here, you have to either park right by the side of the road or have someone drop you off and then follow the overgrown path through the woods. Like I said before, this is private property and there is a house right across the road from the entrance, so Venture At Your Own Risk.

Movie Location: The Cabin
Filming Location: Inman Bend Rd., Morristown, TN 37814
Date of Photos: November 2018

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