Discovery Channel’s long running series ‘A Haunting’ started in 2002 with two feature length episodes, A Haunting in Connecticut & A Haunting in Georgia. Both of them scared the crap out of 9-year-old me, and I always wanted to visit both of the houses. Georgia was a good bit easier than Connecticut since I live there, though it’s still about a 2 or 2-and-a-half hour drive down to Ellerslie. Even though it’s supposedly a “documentary” there were still some filming tricks involved – Mr. Gordy is not actually buried in the graveyard seen on screen. It was a fake grave they set up, presumably because it looked more cinematic than the mausoleum he is actually buried in.

TV Location: The Wyrick House
Filming Location: 288 Swint Loop, Ellerslie, GA 31807
Date of Photos: June 2020

TV Location: Cemetery/Church
Filming Location: 55 Church St., Ellerslie, GA 31807
Date of Photos: June 2020

James S. Gordy’s actual resting place is in the Chapel of the Pines Mausoleum within Parkhill Cemetery in Columbus, GA. This photo is from 2011.

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