IT (1990)

Stephen King’s It was on my list for my trip to Vancouver, but as a result of time constraints and at least one location being closed for the season, it didn’t quite get all of the attention I would’ve liked to given it. I made it to the street where poor little Georgie met Pennywise in the sewer, and also the lake where the sewer building set was built, but I did not make it to any of the kids’ houses or to where I most wanted to go: the little village that appears in the photograph that comes alive and scares the wits out of the kids. That scene was filmed in Burnaby Village Museum, an old-timey historical village museum that was closed for the season. Oh well… just another reason to go back!

Movie Location: Georgie Meets Pennywise
Filming Location: Third St. & Liverpool St., New Westminster, BC
Date of Photos: April 2022

Movie Location: Sewer Building
Filming Location: Beaver Lake Trail, inside Stanley Park
Stanley Park Causeway, Vancouver, BC
Date of Photos: April 2022

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