SIREN (2016)

So funny enough, I knew that Siren, the V/H/S spinoff, was filmed in Georgia wayyyyy before I ever realized that parts of V/H/S were filmed here too. You’d think that would’ve been my first clue… anyways, I liked Siren well enough. It’s definitely low budget and a little corny with just a bit of bad acting, but it’s definitely watchable and it gives you what you’re looking for if you have found yourself watching a V/H/S spinoff.

It was mostly filmed in South Georgia, down around the Savannah area, but the church seen in a few scenes is actually up in Augusta, Georgia. I took pictures of that a while back on a trip to the Carolinas, but I finally found myself near Savannah in June of 2022 and decided to go ahead and knock out the rest. I had found the house before and had it on my list, but upon rewatching Siren while on my trip, I realized it also showed a diner and a motel (I only saw Siren once when it first came out and really only remembered the house and the church as locations). Luckily they didn’t change any of the signage so they were easy finds!

Movie Location: Mansion
Filming Location: Myrtle Grove Plantation (Private Property)
Old Hardwick Rd., Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Date of Photos: June 2022
This is located on a private road. Nobody bothered me driving down it, but I guess do so at your own risk. The house has also appeared in numerous other productions including Glory (1989) and The Underground Railroad (2021).

Movie Location: Church
Filming Location: Sacred Heart Cultural Center
1301 Greene St., Augusta, GA 30901
Date of Photos: July 2021

Movie Location: Diner
Filming Location: Angie’s Diner
510 N. Coastal Hwy., Midway, GA 31320
Date of Photos: June 2022

Movie Location: Motel
Filming Location: Thunderbird Inn
611 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, GA 31401
Date of Photos: June 2022

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