Maybe I’m biased, since they filmed this one in Georgia in my hometown, but Jason Lives is far and away my favorite Friday the 13th. It’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s the only one to actually have Jason, in full hockey mask garb, slicing up counselors at a functioning summer camp. Plus it’s just really fun and has a great 80s vibe.

The camp scenes were filmed at Camp Daniel Morgan inside Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, GA. This is still a functioning group camp that can be rented out, but they will let you go in to visit for the day as long as it’s not already rented. Just call the front office before going, and stop by there and they’ll let you know how to get in. (It’s down a long road behind a locked gate.) It looks a little different since so many of the trees have been taken down, but it is immeasurably cool to be able to hang out at THE Camp Crystal Lake. (Ahem, Camp Forest Green.)

NOTE: Though commonly believed on the internet to be the same camp from Fear Street 1978, only one or two shots from Fear Street were filmed in Camp Daniel Morgan. The majority was filmed in the other summer camp within Hard Labor Creek State Park known as Camp Rutledge.

Movie Location: Camp Forest Green/Crystal Lake
Filming Location: Camp Daniel Morgan, in Hard Labor Creek State Park
5 Hard Labor Creek Rd., Rutledge, GA 30663
Date of Photos: Friday the 13th, November 2020

Movie Location: Eternal Peace Cemetery
Filming Location: Old Madison Cemetery
W. Central Ave., Madison, GA 30650
Date of Photos: May 2022

Movie Location: Forest Green County Sheriff Dept./Downtown
Filming Location: 1174 Monticello St., Covington, GA 30014
Date of Photos: May 2022

Movie Location: Karloff’s General Merchandise
Filming Location: Old Starrsville Store
(across from) 41 Old Starrsville Rd., Starrsville, GA 30014 (Private Property)
Date of Photos: May 2022

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