V/H/S (2012)

The different segments in V/H/S were filmed in different states, but the ‘Amateur Night’ segment was filmed here in Georgia and as soon as I realized it, I jumped on finding the exact locations. The bar scenes were easy because you can see the Mary’s logo in the background, and there was a motel credited at the end of the movie so that seemed like an easy find too, but I couldn’t exactly match it up to some of the shots shown in the movie. Some of them I could, but the shots of the group arriving at the room and the one guy frantically running out showed a second story motel and this one only had one floor.

I went back to the movie and for a split second you can see an Econo Lodge sign in the background, so I started there. I found it in Conley, GA, just off of 285 outside Atlanta. They actually are at the Hilltop Inn, and the Econo Lodge next door can be seen in the background. It literally is in the movie for all of 3 seconds, but I thought it was interesting and fun to find all the same. The interior of the motel room and the ending of the tape where he runs to the lobby and into the parking lot was filmed at the America’s Best Value Inn in Stone Mountain, GA. At the time of filming it was called the Aloha Motor Inn which is what it is credited as in the movie.

Note: there is also an interior staircase shown in the movie to get to the second floor of the motel. This was another trick of filming and wasn’t located at either of the motels. It was actually located in the building where the production offices were located, which was right behind where some of the bar scenes were filmed. I did not visit the staircase because I didn’t find out until after I’d gone there and I just haven’t been back over to take pictures since then.

Another note: found footage movies are really hard to get good screenshots of locations from.

Movie Location: Bar/Sidewalk Scenes
Filming Location: 506 Flat Shoals Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
Date of Photos: June 2020
Of course the recognizable rainbow Mary’s sign was blocked by a tree.

Movie Location: Motel, 2nd Floor
Filming Location: Hilltop Inn
3140 Moreland Ave., Conley, GA 30288
Date of Photos: June 2020

Movie Location: Motel, Ending Scenes
Filming Location: America’s Best Value Inn
4974 Memorial Dr., Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Date of Photos: June 2020
The interiors of the motel room also look like they were filmed here based on pictures online, though I do not know which room.

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