When I first watched the trailer for The Exorcist: Believer, I immediately said to myself “That looks like Georgia.” I looked it up and sure enough! IMDb lists the filming locations as being Atlanta & Savannah, GA, as well as Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It was filmed under the code name Brainwaves in…… Continue reading THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER (2023)


Every now and then I check the Wikipedia page for “Films shot in Georgia” to see if I’ve missed anything or if anything new has been added. The last time I did it, one called “Cannibal Apocalypse” caught my eye. (Also known as “Invasion of the Flesh Hunters” and “Cannibals in the Street”.) I was…… Continue reading CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (1980)


Movie Location: Foster HomeFilming Location: 882 Euclid Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307Date of Photos: November 2022 Movie Location: St. Luke’s HospitalFilming Location: English Avenue School627 English Ave. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318Date of Photos: November 2022 This location also appears in The Collection (2012). Movie Location: Exorcism ChurchFilming Location: Ponce Presbyterian Church163 Ponce de Leon Ave.…… Continue reading ONE MISSED CALL (2008)

V/H/S (2012)

The different segments in V/H/S were filmed in different states, but the ‘Amateur Night’ segment was filmed here in Georgia and as soon as I realized it, I jumped on finding the exact locations. The bar scenes were easy because you can see the Mary’s logo in the background, and there was a motel credited…… Continue reading V/H/S (2012)


Movie Location: Birthday Party HouseFilming Location: 7632 Cozy Lane, Fairburn, GA 30213Date of Photos: January 2023 Movie Location: Always Wear Your SeatbeltFilming Location: Glade Bend & Village Loop, Fairburn, GA 30213Date of Photos: January 2023 Movie Location: Opening Credits SidewalkFilming Location: 615 N Central Ave., Hapeville, GA 30354Date of Photos: January 2023 Movie Location: Garland,…… Continue reading ZOMBIELAND (2009)


Like Sleepaway Camp 2, Part 3 relocated from Georgia to New York for filming, and it was actually filmed back-to-back with Part 2 at the very same camp. I recruited one of my friends to accompany me to this rural spot, and we called the number on the For Sale sign and got permission to…… Continue reading SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND (1989)


3 years and even more script & title changes after the original, Goosebumps 2 returned to Georgia for filming. This time they came even closer to home, filming several scenes in my hometown of Covington. Like the first movie, I enjoyed it for what it was, even if it was noticeably lacking in any new…… Continue reading GOOSEBUMPS 2: HAUNTED HALLOWEEN (2018)